Tulsa Pro Turn is privileged to be made up of a group of designers, programmers, and machinists who are very talented in the field of machining. Among our small staff, we possess over 50 combined years of experience in various industries. We put that experience to work by using the most efficient CAD/CAM software partnered with the latest generation of precision CNC machine tools to create parts that surpass visual and dimensional quality requirements.


Aerospace, oil and gas, mining, automotive,  and weapons are just a few of the industries that Tulsa Pro Turn has experience in. We have products tools, mass production parts, and custom parts in small quantities. Thanks to our size and low overhead, we are able to schedule and create parts in such a way as to maximize machine time used and minimize part cost.


To meet the growing demand for a one-stop shop, Tulsa Pro Turn has worked hard to create a network of suppliers so that any part we create can also be processed by heat treating, anodizing, painting, grinding, or anything else imaginable.

Specializing in Precision Machined Parts

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